On the Precipice of Fascism:

The Mythic and the Political in the Works of Robert E. Howard and Ernst Jünger


In this ground-breaking, trilingual work — designed primarily to ensure access by English-speaking readers — concepts such as Northrop Frye’s Archetypal Criticism,   Umberto Eco’s semiotics, Fredric Jameson’s Political Unconscious, Michel Foucault’s misunderstood ‘death of the author’, national and international meta-narratives, and mass consciousness phenomena such as cultures of defeat are discussed through a foregrounding of the works of Robert E. Howard and Ernst Jünger to create a compelling and comprehensive picture not only of the twentieth century itself, but of the key role narrative plays in the scripting of human destiny.


Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood Publishing Presents: 

[T]his dissertation is unquestionably an original and masterful — sometimes too masterful — scholarly accomplishment, which develops its thesis methodically, richly and productively.

Prof. Dr. Gerhard Kurz, author of Metapher. Allegorie. Symbol and Das große Schauspiel.

Deutschland und die französische Revolution.